My story

Before you look for any information on the website, please, read this little story of me.

About us

Why do I make this blog?

More than a passion, I built this blog partly to cover my small family living expenses, my big goal is to create a healthy lifestyle for the community with nutritious dishes, crazy recipes and the best product selection guides for everyone – Especially the lovely housewives.

I am a mother, also a housewife who loves kitchenware and is passionate about food. I am not a great cook that can create fancy food, delightful dishes, or recipes that can make an earthquake on the internet.

But me, I find good and strange cooking secrets on social networks and synthesize them as a share of me to you.

That makes me feel happy!

And I hope you will have a great meal with a new dish you have learned through my website.

Aside from food I also love to shop, especially my important friends in the kitchen – Kitchenware and kitchen appliances (Some typical products: blender, juicer, espresso and others). 

I did a lot of research on the internet before going out to a store to buy them or buy through any E-commerce platform. That gives me a bit of experience with the selection, at least for those who first buy the product that I have reviewed ^^. 

“I can not promise you 100% of the greatness of a machine, but I promise you the highest suitability and quality of a product for your needs at the most affordable price you can spend to buy it”.